Depictions of Dissolutions

Greed envy-m

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Depictions of dissolution flow like a stream with ease,

Overtaking the mental shutters that want to close as they please.

Light turns to stars and the enlightened sky begins to fall,

Carried through the wild wind riding a shooting scalding lightning ball.

Envious eyes peer around laughing and scorning stares with greed,

There is a hunger and it’s time for all to feed.

The tender touch becomes tainted soiling all that it dooms,

Walls firmly closing around in a dainty quaint tea room.

Dreams last for days and unforgiving nightmares for years,

Can’t we just settle this all with a beer?

Hearts become utterly broken ready for the taking,

What thinking is transpiring? Whispers and shaking.

Forbidden fruit is truly the lesser evil around,

I can barely hear or stand the sight of this redundant town.

Continuing in the journey yet still in the one single dignified spot,

Nothing left to do but sit and rot.

~Sameena Bachmeier~All rights Reserved~


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