Rainy Day Reads Publishing welcomes it’s readers!

ImageBased out of Vancouver, Washington, Rainy Day Reads Publishing is finally official –  license and all!  This has been a dream for a long time to open this publishing house and the day has finally arrived.  The first paperback book to become available through Rainy Day Reads Publishing is the paperback version of young adult/historical fiction “Banyan” by Sameena Bachmeier.  Here is a blurb about the book:

Kannie Irnest had the picture perfect life as a child until her father left her
and her mother alone. It wasn’t long before the world as she knew it began
unraveling and creating a web of misery around her. Her mother was no longer the
loving mother she knew. Bitter and lonely, Kannie sank into a depression. The
only joy Kannie seemed to find was with her friend Kristopher. They were like
two peas in a pod since a young age and when they were together it was as if the
world around them didn’t matter. Mysteriously, one day on Kannie’s way to
school, she is given a Banyan tree stick. She learns that it is a wishing stick.
Although skeptical, Kannie is desperate to experience a happy life and she
wishes on the Banyan stick to be anywhere but in that moment in her life. She
awakens everyday thereafter to a different historical event that exposes her to
experiences, places and people she had only read about in books. From the Salem
Witch trials, to being aboard the infamous Britannic, to taking flight upon the
Apollo 11, each journey she embarks on teaches her to believe in herself,
forgive others and appreciate the path that lies in front of her. She also now,
must embark on her greatest venture yet, finding her way back home.

ebook buy link : http://www.amazon.com/Banyan-ebook/dp/B005JUZO0M

Paperback buy link : Releasing March 21,2013 (will share link when avail!)

Rainy Day Reads Publishing can be reached at rainydayreadspublishing@hotmail.com 

*Will open to submissions for authors/illustrators in June of 2013, but please feel free to contact with questions or concerns, thank you!

It is owned, licensed, & ran by Sameena & Matthew Bachmeier



About sameenassphere

Sameena is an author/owner @ Rainy Day Reads Publishing who enjoys writing in a variety of genres and for an array of ages. She is interested in networking and creating a blog space for authors and readers to share and enjoy...
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