“The Side Kick Sleuths” Young Adult Paranormal Book soon available in print and paperback via Hellfire Publishing!!

The Side Kick Sleuths by Sameena Bachmeier– Book Blurb
Publisher Hellfire Publishing
Book Versions: Print & Ebook

The prominent Seattle, Washington Police Detective Anton Bloaks’s life was turned upside down with the sudden disappearance of his wife Michelle, only a few years ago leaving him a single dad to raise their three children alone. The kids adjusted as well as they could to life without their mom but they never forgot. Michelle was a “new to the field” paranormal investigator, loving mother and determined woman. She dove into every case whole hearted and in her most recent case she disappeared during the investigation.
With Anton’s detective case files piling up daily it leaves him crazy busy with work. -As do the incoming case files regarding paranormal encounters, hauntings plus all the old files left behind from his wife. Anton hopes to somehow one day unravel her mysterious disappearance. He’s not alone in this theory. His children Christian known as Bullfrog, Ky Bug, Sassy Kas, and their friend Natalie pick up the pieces when their father is too busy, becoming young sleuths. Venturing into the unknown they utilize a secret object given to Bullfrog by his mom before her disappearance will allow the young sleuths to travel through time and investigate hauntings, in hopes of unraveling the truth and hopefully leading to discovering the truth behind what really happened to their mother and stepping into the chilling, yet curious paranormal world. This is case number 2012-1, “The Congelier Mansion” file and the kids are the side-kick sleuths!
*Side note: I have based case files of true haunted places and events, fully researched and detailed background involved in each tale.*
Hope you enjoy… SOOON TO BE RELEASED via Hellfire Publishing!! Excerpts coming soon…
All rights reserved.


About sameenassphere

Sameena is an author/owner @ Rainy Day Reads Publishing who enjoys writing in a variety of genres and for an array of ages. She is interested in networking and creating a blog space for authors and readers to share and enjoy...
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2 Responses to “The Side Kick Sleuths” Young Adult Paranormal Book soon available in print and paperback via Hellfire Publishing!!

  1. Teresa Kleeman says:

    This sounds like a super sized but better Hardy Boys mystery along with Nancy Drew all in one. I think you will do well with this book and I will recomend it to my nieces and newphews. Congratulations on the new book.

    Teresa K.

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