Signed Copies available…New Books Released…Updates? Yes, please!

Sameena M. Bachmeier writes for all ages and in a rainbow of genres.  From “Old Mother Hubbard’s Mixed Up Cupboard” children’s picture book – a spin of mixed up fairytales to her latest “Banyan” a young adult historical fiction novella – a time travel through history through the eyes of a strong and love struck teen, a wise and historical tale unfolds with every turn of the page. 

But the stories don’t stop there, in her inviting fantasy tale “Harmony” -Co-Authored by Helgaleena, a story of a young girl struggling with a dark new age and the horror it brings to the world around her, a new world she is now forced to live in.  She soon discovers there a felocks and warlocks around that she never knew existed and they hold the key to her past, present and future. If you dabble in the spicier side of things, check out Sameena’s (S.M. Bach) roasty treats “The Bitter and The Sweet of Eros”, “Plain Jayne” and “Dark Roasted Christmas Vol. 2” as they are sure to entertain the fantasy relms in your mind.

Whatever your reading pleasure is, welcome!  Here you will find all author links, updates, contest give-a-ways, and get to know the author a bit more than the average, hope you enjoy the ride!                                         

 *If you would like a signed copy of “Old Mother Hubbard’s Mixed-Up Cupboard” please e-mail with “OMHMUC” in the subject line please and thank you!

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About sameenassphere

Sameena is an author/owner @ Rainy Day Reads Publishing who enjoys writing in a variety of genres and for an array of ages. She is interested in networking and creating a blog space for authors and readers to share and enjoy...
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