Banyan excerpt Young Adult~Historical Fiction~Release Date Aug2011

Sample excerpt : Banyan – Sameena Bachmeier

 Openings in the walls allowed unforgiving rays of light into the room.   Kannie covered her mouth with her hands as she stared at the creature curled in a ball sleeping. She would have screamed except her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth in terror, she couldn’t tear her gaze from the sleeping beast. 

                  She couldn’t make out its face since it was sleeping with its back to her, although white horns protruded from the head, it had the body of a young boy.  A golden plate like necklace encircled the neck, with a matching armband around his biceps.  Both plates had symbols engraved on them; it appeared to be Greek writing.  Kannie wasn’t sure. 

                Her gaze traveled over the figure, as she moved around him allowing her to catch sight of the beast’s muscular legs, and then she noticed the feet.  They were hooves.   She started to back up out of the room shaking with fear.  Her eyes widened at the sight of his tail, it was like a lion’s with a cloud of tasseled hair at the end.  Whatever this was in the room Kannie didn’t want to engage with it. 

                She closed her eyes and slowly shut the door.  It creaked once again, but there was no movement from inside the room.  Kannie sighed in relief and stepped back, forgetting about the stairs immediately behind her and lost her footing.  She thudded down an uncountable number of stairs and landed on her stomach, taking her breath away.  Then she heard it.  The noise she dreaded. Kannie had awakened the creature in the room.  She could hear its hooves racing to the doorway.   In pain, Kannie forced herself to her feet and ran down the circled hallway.  She could hear the beast getting closer and closer, grunting as it paced her.  She looked back over her shoulder and screamed. 

                The beast had the face of a bull, with a ring through its nose.  The eyes were mean, angry and full of darkness and they were fixed on her.

                 “This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening,” Kannie screamed.

 The beast lunged and knocked her to the ground.  She screamed again before her head hit the ground. There was a sharp pain before everything went dark.  She was vaguely aware of the creature picking her up and his hot sticky breath on her face. 


Coming Aug.2011 MuseItUp publishing, all rights reserved.


About sameenassphere

Sameena is an author/owner @ Rainy Day Reads Publishing who enjoys writing in a variety of genres and for an array of ages. She is interested in networking and creating a blog space for authors and readers to share and enjoy...
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4 Responses to Banyan excerpt Young Adult~Historical Fiction~Release Date Aug2011

  1. Rosalie says:

    Good start to the blog. Interesting background and photograph. They say truth is stranger than fiction, and history is so full of interesting stories. Looks like you have one here.
    I have added a link to your blog on Ramblings from Lady Rosalie.
    See you around,

  2. kester2 says:

    Good start Sameena:

    Do you object to nit pickers — only trying to be helpful? You have platoon bridge … you don’t mean pontoon bridge by any chance?

    I’ll have to keep following. I have a project to start that is tentatively entitled “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship”. Gisel is the Protagonist of my Iskander series novels — she finds that freeing slaves can be a big project when the ship she’s marine officer aboard stops a slaver on the high seas.

    Chris H.

  3. Sameena, I didn’t know where to leave this comment.

    You have been given the Life is Good Award. Please come to my blog to see all the details:


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